Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WEEKS TWO & THREE: The recovery at home

The first 8 - 10 days were the worse!!!!... Craig took off a few days to be with me and Kayla & Andre were a huge help! My Mom came each day during week two once the kids returned to school to be with me during the day. She helped a lot! She was the enforcer :), to make sure I got my medicines down even if it took a SUPER long time and I had to water down each dose. I camped out in the living room for the first two weeks. I found remaining propped up helped with the swelling, the pressure, and breathing....lots of pillows. I am extremely thankful for all the people who continued to check in on us, helping us, holding my hand as I cried, prayed with me, delivering meals for Craig and the kids and my sweet dear friend Meghann for making mass quantities of homemade soups for me.

I'm still completely numb from my eyes to my chin. My vision returned in my right eye, but my left eye is extremely blurry. I'm hoping over time as the swelling decreases and the pressure reduces, my vision will be restored. For now, it's back to my eye glasses and no contact lenses. The numbness is a very odd feeling. The only way I can describe it is...if you have ever had a tooth filling and get Novocaine...it's similar...but it's your entire face. I had been warned about nerve damage and loss of feeling. I'm praying the feeling will return over time.

Here's some things I recommend for anyone facing jaw surgery (I wish someone would have shared these tips with me!) I had to learn the hard way...by experience. I was prescribed three different liquid pain medications, couldn't take any of them due to allergies or nausea.

"Motion Sickness Bands" - these really do work!!

Some other items, that really helped me....ice around the clock - I kept ice on for the first two weeks. I looked like a swollen, bruised blob with bunny rabbit ears. I was warned the bruising would get worse before better...I had bruising on my cheeks, mouth area, neck and chest. Sleep upright to reduce the swelling, this also helps with ease of breathing.

"Humidifier - get one if you don't already have one"

"Lots of syringes, mouth rinse, mirror for aim, and force liquids"

"Get a good blender"

I have become very creative with the blender...I'm experimented and created many various smoothie recipes. I'll post a few soon to share, you'll live on these for at least the first few weeks - I promise.

Another item I highly recommend is by Amway; it's called NutriLite Meal Replacement (Milk Chocolate is my favorite!), it's packed with vitamins, protein, potassium, low-fat and delicious!!! I've tried Ensure, NutraFit, Boost... YUCK is all I can say!!! I just couldn't bring myself to drink any of them. I had to find an alternative due to loosing 14lbs I didn't have to loose. I also needed to work on rebuilding my strength and these do the trick.

Also, get a good lip moisturizer and be prepared for serious dry mouth!!!

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