Tuesday, January 11, 2011



ROUGH is about the only way I can describe it !!! I was not at all prepared mentally for this journey...pre-surgery I had told Craig "if I fall asleep, you push the Morphine button for me" I was afraid to fall asleep because I knew the pain would be severe when I woke up. I had multiple panic attacks and kept trying to communicate (thanks to Kim Staudinger, an early Christmas gift; a dry erase board & markers) a must for anyone having jaw surgery!!!! I could not breathe, it was the worst feeling!!! I wrote NO BREATHE!!!! I stayed on oxygen for awhile and they kept me pretty sedated. The normal things such as medications, allergies, IV's, vitals, and so much more and I wasn't up for any of it!!! I felt so helpless and couldn't express my thoughts. It was extremely frustrating!

I remember one of the nurses switching me off of the pain medication pump to liquid pain medications...all I can say is I have a whole new respect for children when they complain or resist liquid medications...keep in mind my upper jaw was cut all the way across and in multiple locations on the lower - talk about burning when the medicine hits the incisions!!!! I would cry thru every dose and that was the watered down version. Syringes became my new friend to get medications down even if it did take more than 30 mins to get it down.

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