Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thirty something...braces, upper & lower jaw surgery

My purpose for sharing my story is to possibly help even just one individual that may be considering or about to go through with upper and lower jaw surgery. I've learned a great deal through this process and continue to...

Well where do I begin... I am in my thirties, I needed braces as a child...it wasn't in the family budget so my teeth, jaw and bite were left uncorrected. The thought of braces at my age was definitely not on the "to do" or "my bucket" list. I gave in; physically, emotionally and financially to the battle to improve not cosmetically but medically and had braces put on in June '09. (or so I thought)

The cosmetic change was an added bonus! I adjusted fairly well to braces considering all the extra appliances throughout the process; an expander, super tight wires, surgical splints, double chaining...and then some. The Water Pic and Philips Sonicare toothbrush became my two new best friends ! I highly recommend both!!!

A year and a half or so later...beautiful aligned teeth but still left with a serious bite issue.

My upper teeth were extended well past my lower teeth. I also had issues with my back teeth not touching properly. Also, notice in the picture above...me sporting the lower surgical splint - man did that take some getting use to! I wish I could tell you all the technical terms...but my jaw alignment was one of the more severe that required extensive correction. I learned as an adult it is extremely difficult to correct jaw alignment without surgery. While continuing under the care and direction of my orthodontist; Dr. Paul White of White Orthodontics, he recommended I see an oral surgeon for a consult. I set up a consult with a highly recommended surgeon; Virginia Oral & Facial Surgery. I met with Dr. Alexander and he too agreed jaw surgery would be the recommended path for correction. I continued to see my orthodontist frequently to prepare for upper and lower jaw surgery.

Everything after that very first appointment with the oral surgeon seemed to fly by... leading up to the "S" (Surgery day)...more to follow...

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