Thursday, January 27, 2011

Helpful Tips...along the way

Things that I have found extremely helpful:

- Prayer

- Ice-packs - I lived in these for the first three weeks

- Understanding and supportive family & friends (a must!!!)

- Syringes (lots of them!!! and clip the tip to allow for easy suction) I sure wish someone would have told me this early on!!

- Children's toothbrush (a must!)

- Frozen Fruit (Costco, large bag mixed frozen fruit - great price)

- Stuff for smoothies: O.J., Milk, Vanilla ice-cream, Vanilla yogurt, frozen fruit

- Homemade soups

- GE Individual Cup Blender

- Cream of Wheat (starting week three, I had a bowl each morning via syringe)

- Herbie Heat Pack (I was allowed to apply heat in week three) this really helped with the pain!!!

- WaterPic

- Humidifier

I'm sure there are many more items....I am forgetting - more to follow

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