Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well today marks week five since my upper and lower jaw surgery. I wish someone would have warned me of the potential risk of anxiety and emotional issues. I cried a lot during the first four weeks. I felt helpless and unable to communicate. I often found myself having a *crying episode* or I'd stomp my feet when my kids or husband couldn't understand me. I know it sounds childish, I admit. I did a lot of writing, it was my only source to communicate with others. I had notepads throughout our house. You'd be surprised how many people will ask you questions or try to talk forgetting you can't talk back to them :)

I still can't see clearly out of my left eye, everything continues to be a blur. I am extremely sore along my lower jaw area where the breaks are. I can actually feel the break points in the lower jaw. OUCH! I still sleep elevated with two pillows which helps, but each morning wake up with puffy cheeks. I still have no feeling in my cheeks or chin area, but I have come a very long way! It's a very strange feeling....I always feeling like I'm either drooling or there is something on my chin. I am hopeful the feeling will return some day and soon. I've been told it could take as much as a year pending there is no permanent nerve damage.

I was permitted to keep the tension bands off during the day so this allows me to talk some and brush properly. I was very happy about that! Notice all the stains on the bands from soups :) I know gross! My speech is still pretty muffled because of the upper surgical splint I have in so I often have to repeat myself. I can tell when I've exceeded my talking limits, my jaw joints get really sore. I'm learning my boundaries.

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